Current projects

Trainer Nautical Institute Northern Netherlands

Developing and giving courses Klein Vaarbewijs 1 en 2 and Marifooncertificaat (Marcom A en B). NINN

Writing Basking in the Moonlightorion_the_hunter

Writing Basking in the Moonlight, a novel in a magic-realistic style. This is an English-written project, and the fist writing project together with my daughter. We are writing independent books with connected story’s (she started, I hooked on) We share locations, characters and theme.

Just finished Eibert Pieper

Writing the biography of Eibert Pieper, the first Dutch blind black belt third Dan Judo champion. A very interesting man who also founded several businesses and was active in real estate.

Writing Zinloos Ambtelijk Geweld (Brutal Official Enforcement)

A series of true storys about decent businessmen crushed between rules, laws, officials, banks and lawyers.

Revising BastonistoBastonisto fresco

After working on it for years off and on I finally decided that this book deserves a good publisher. Translating it to English now,  I can’t wait to write the sequel to find out the truth about Tom.

Developing Darkroom

An art project involving street-art, poetry, photography and writing, building on my book “De Tjalk”.

Vlogging Mellow Yellow

My latest project after purchasing a new sailing vessel in september 2017, lets build a multimedia project around our adventures! Yeah, why not Skipper!