Current projects

Writing The House on Allenby Street

A novel about art, stolen art, hidden art, creating art. The story of Daniel, a 21 year old art school student living in Amsterdam discovering the truth about his past.

Working on filmscript

Filmscript rondom: “Het verdrinken van Frederik Willem Bosman en de vijf jaar die daaraan vooraf gingen… Als je meer wilt weten of informatie hebt die kan bijdragen aan dit verhaal kijk dan hier of stuur je informatie, je persoonlijke verhaal of je beelden naar mij via email, facebook, instagram of deze website.

Writing Basking in the Moonlightorion_the_hunter

Writing Basking in the Moonlight, a novel in a magic-realistic style. This is an English-written project, and the fist writing project together with my daughter. We are writing independent books with connected story’s (she started, I hooked on) We share locations, characters and theme.

Just finished Eibert Pieper

Writing the biography of Eibert Pieper, the first Dutch blind black belt third Dan Judo champion. A very interesting man who also founded several businesses and was active in real estate.

Restoring Motorsailer

Working on “Sartre” our recently bought Motorsailer, a 50 year old steel sailing ketch. Updating the interior, replacing wooden masts by aluminium masts, etc. Making it suitable for all year round sailing and living.

Trainer Klein Vaarbewijs 1 & 2

Developing and giving courses Klein Vaarbewijs 1 en 2 and Marifooncertificaat (Marcom A en B).


Revising BastonistoBastonisto fresco

After working on it for years off and on I finally decided that this book deserves a good publisher. Translating it to English now,  I can’t wait to write the sequel to find out the truth about Tom.

Developing Darkroom

An art project involving street-art, poetry, photography and writing, building on my book “De Tjalk”.

Vlogging Mellow Yellow

My latest project after purchasing a new sailing vessel in september 2017, lets build a multimedia project around our adventures! Yeah, why not Skipper!