Random Poetry

revenge of the carriage return

her soul hidden in slamming words
black, black the color of the ribbon
the carriage return turns the platen
black, black the color of his soul
revenge, a new line, empty on paper
black, black the staines burn a hole
striking the hot steaming keys
black, black the heart she stole 
sitting naked on his knees
qwerty emotions still burn
black, black, black, black…is all he sees

Signed: Artemis Septimus Watson

Steampunk Poetry Project

De zee was niet meer

Gebroken sta ik hier
Aan verwaaide vloedlijn
Het water is vergeten
want de zee was niet meer

geen mens of dier
ziet nog mijn lichtenschijn
oude raderwerk versleten
want de zee was niet meer

ach mens waar is uw stem
de zee rolt niet meer aan het strand
waar is het nieuwe Jeruzalem?
Er is alleen maar brandend zand.

En ik zag een nieuwen hemel en een nieuwe aarde; want de eerste hemel, en de eerste aarde was voorbijgegaan, en de zee was niet meer.

openbaringen 21.

Grey waters

The grey waters of the past
Washing gently ashore
Rippling around the rocks
I never saw before

The tides of time
They came and went
I’m sitting here
No more to spend

As empty are my thoughts
And mingled with shame and fear
I stumble through my head
Hope they will disappear

The water’s gone
The tide is low
I feel no more
I’ll have to go

Onomatopoeic penetration of a black heart

Bronze, steel, copper and gold
The lightning flashes, ZWWWANG, 
Bronze curls the copper behold…
The cave in my skull smashes BWWWANG
Hidden words suddenly disclosed…
The lightning bashes ZWWWANG ZWWWWANG
striking and splitting what was inclosed
The eyes, the curls, the smile BWWWANG ZWWWANG
They hit me, They struck me, They split me,
The golden curly flash, I am forever exposed.

Signed: Artemis Septimus Watson